PCI SSC Executive Committee

The PCI Security Standards Council is led by a policy-setting Executive Committee, composed of representatives from the Founding Members and Strategic Members.

PCI SSC Board of Advisors

The PCI Security Standards Council Board of Advisors is composed of representatives of Participating Organizations. This cross-industry group is chartered to ensure that all voices are heard in the ongoing development of PCI Security Standards, with representation from across the payment chain – merchants, financial institutions, processors and more – as well as from around the world.

The 2021-2022 Board Members are listed below and may be contacted at boa@pcisecuritystandards.org.

Rep. Coming Soon

Marie-Christine Vittet

Craig Morgan

Peter Stone

Andy White

James Vale

Phil White

Glauco Luiz Cardoso Sampaio

Catherine Gunnell

Josh Knopp

Rodney Farmer

Gert Huizinga

Cory Lesley

Walid Barakat

Ashok Kumar

Steven Bowles

Michael Johnson

Nancy Zayed

Ashok Misra

Viswanath Krishnamurthy

Jason Hanson

Edward Mao

James Gotzamanis

Tomás Perlines

Shane Hamilton

Sean Estrada

Richard Agostino

Joachim Vance

Mike Cook

Wes Shattler

Various Headshots taken by David Shopper Photography